Hormonal Health

Let me guide you on your journey back to hormonal balance. Not every hormonal problem can be fixed by just adding hormones- from heavy, painful periods to missed periods, acne, the rollercoaster of puberty, difficulties conceiving to the heatwaves of menopause. Fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, low libido and burn-out, I combine natural (evidence-based) remedies, bio-identical and prescription hormones and lifestyle habits to help you on the road to optimal hormonal health and thriving.

This a journey and one 15minute consultation is not enough (this is a good check in to see if you want to work with me on a more continuous basis as getting back to balance and back to thriving takes time and commitment).

The first consultation usually takes an hour and a half where I listen to your story and see where we need to go from there. Here I will draw out your map and the route we are going to take, look at tests already performed and what tests may be needed with me supporting you on the way.If you choose this journey to recovery we will start with the initial 90 minute visit with an intake questionnaire before the time (please ensure you book as such), after 2 weeks we have another 60minute consultation where results are discussed and our plan is put in action. 2 more 30minute monthly follow-ups with another 30minute follow-up after 3 months and a quick 15 minute follow-up (or as needed) 3 months later.

These are your longer consultations and follow-ups when booking online