What is Sexual Health?

Sexual Health is about physical and mental wellbeing, healthy relationships, safe sexual experiences and embracing our sexuality.

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for all parties involved and sexuality is a natural part of life that should be enjoyed, embraced, and prioritised.

A Sexual Health consultation is not a general gynaecological or urological examination where we check if everything looks normal, but where we focus on the problem that is prohibiting you from enjoying sex-including sexual pain, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and hormonal irregularities. Conversations about sex is sometimes difficult to initiate for a client (and a doctor) and it shouldn’t be. You should be able to ask our questions in a safe, judgment free space where you can be listened to with empathy and advised and supported with knowledge and referred if needed to supporting health care providers like physiotherapists and counsellors with experience in this field.

A longer consultation is usually needed for sexual health- an hour is preferred as well as an intake questionnaire – please do enquire from reception to send you more info on our longer consultations.