What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is an approach to wellness  that combines conventional medicine, which includes drugs, surgery and lifestyle changes and complementary medicine and therapies to treat the root causes of disease.

We are also fortunate enough to live in an era where we can focus on health and not just the absence of disease. In a longer consultation we can approach health differently. We go back to the root causes of complex issues like hormonal dysfunction, burnout, fatigue, obesity and chronic illness and see how we can manage this in a personalized way, using conventional and alternative (evidence based) modalities to get you back to health and wellness.

During your first consultation we map out your health, see what happened on your health journey so far and then tackle a plan of action- what other tests to consider, medicines to start and lifestyle changes to implement. Integrative Medicine puts the client in the central position and you play an integral part in all decisions pertaining to your health, armed with knowledge and support.

The need for longer consultations is even more pressing in this time where we don’t have time- we don’t have time to see a doctor 10 times for the same problem and never even discuss the fact that we were born prematurely and received antibiotics before we were even 10 days old. We don’t have the capacity to always complain about tiredness but the thyroid tests are “normal” or to struggle with libido and be told to exercise more and stress less or have so many different symptoms that we can write books about it. An integrative consultation is especially helpful where you have had specialist consultations and told that all the tests are normal or told it is “just” IBS or there is nothing more we can do for your endometriosis or PCOS.

I want you to understand what is going on so that you can take charge of your health!